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Going to the movies

We have managed to insulate and plaster board half of the roof space so far, which is pretty impressive. On Sunday we went to see a guy in a neighbouring village who is building his own house and insulating with straw bales. This is something we really wanted to do if we had been able to find the perfect plot of land at the right price. Ah well another life time! It was fascinating to see how he has done it and he gave us loads of tips. So we have ordered 120 bales from him, as he has too many. We are going to build a wall in between the kitchen and the workshop with the bales. Straw is an excellent insulator and absorbs sound very well, which is very important with Chris and his planer!

We have also found time to make a movie theatre! Downstairs, in what will be the kitchen but is currently the storage for our things. We rigged up a screen using a white sheet and dusted off the old sofa and armchair that Kate gave us, and Bob’s your uncle we have the coolest cinema!

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  • Dingle Van Does Europe
    Posted June 26, 2011 8:43 am 0Likes

    Hi guys
    Everything is looking great – love the windows especially. And well done Emma on starting your new Coustouge cooking and drinking empire! In northern Europe and the weather is pants too! Reminds us of the foggy mornings we used to have with you!!! Take care, Sharon and Jason xxxx

    • lamaisondurire
      Posted June 26, 2011 3:15 pm 0Likes

      Aaah taking a well deserved weekend off and on the beach at Collioure not a cloud in the sky! Your trip sounds fun we keep up to date on your movements, good old Dingle still rolling!

      House has changed dramatically since you were with us. Have been living there since the 14th and should gave the entire roof insulated and plaster boarded by the end of the coming week. But we are both working now as we need the funds!!

      Keep touring, keep in touch and hope to see you en route d’espagne.

      Emma and Chris x

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