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From home to hostel

Well it is the calm before the storm as it were. It’s Tuesday afternoon and Chris is dropping my parents at the airport and picking up Uncle Rob, sort of like a human relay! I have turned the house into a hostel to accommodate all the bodies that will be turning up tonight and tomorrow.

We have 3 beds in the front bedroom; 2 doubles a single and even a child’s bed/sofa! Shows you how large these rooms are as there is still plenty of room to walk around. The main bathroom has turned into a deluxe en-suite for Rob. Well at least he won’t have to go far to pee in the night! I must remember to get him to lock the door in case he gets unexpected company!!!!!!

I have stocked up on essentials and am ready to feed 6 very hungry men. It is going to be 3 full-on days of hard work, chaos and mess but I am excited to see the finish.

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