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Easy like a Sunday morning

Well it would be if we had been permitted a lie-in but it is harvest here and the entire village is busy with it. It is quite exciting really and one can’t complain about the noise when you live in country, and wine country at that! So our Sunday started at 7am with the rattle of the tractors and trailers going past our bedroom window, which were soon followed by the 4×4’s dragging trailers of dogs off to the hunt, it is hunting season here too.

So what have we been up to this week? Well Rob swung into action almost from the moment he arrived. In fact he has accomplished so much within the 1st few days that we reckon he will finish the 2 window openings before the 2 weeks are up so we will have to find him something else to do in case he decides to create more window holes!!! Chris and I have been working on plumbing, electricity and fitting the kitchen French doors.

Emmanuel came back on Thursday to complete the solar/wood burning water and heating system. However he didn’t have enough time to finish as his wife was due to give birth on Saturday and at 7pm Friday evening he was still here!!! We sent him off home as it is a 4 hour drive home and we certainly didn’t want him missing the birth of his 1st born on our conscious!! It is in the late 20’s early 30’s so we are far from needing heating yet, he’ll be back sometime over the next few weeks to finish, he was very close to finishing as it was. However we are excited as we have our bathroom connected to the solar system and are currently enjoying free hot showers, how fab is that!!

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