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Dom, the man…

with large drill bits!! Dom the builder, not Griffiths, came over the other day and helped us drill some rather large, but pertinent holes. Firstly for the waste, as we have to redo all of the plumbing and we are about to put in the 1st bathroom. This involved drill through a 50cm thick stone wall. Then through the concrete floor for the toilet, bath, shower and sink.

We also got him to cut through the internal brick walls for doorways, so we can now access rooms properly. This he did with a huge angle grinder, I had to hold the vacuum underneath whilst he cut as it creates an enormous amount of dust and blinds you as you are cutting. This was a nerve-wracking task as that blade is huge and very sharp! Luckily apart from being covered from head to toe in dust it was fine and I still have both arms and all my fingers and toes!

Lastly we will be moving the tie bar that is currently lying just where we want to put the windows! As it is we don’t think it is doing much as it is not very tight but better safe tha sorry, so we will move it up 40cm out of the way. So he drilled more holes through the side of the house ready for that. Crickey we have more holes in the house than a piece of Swiss cheese!

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