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Doing a Margaret Thatcher!

Yesterday I closed the pit!! After weeks of it being full I leveled off the top and covered it with a layer of cement so that we can use it as a working platform when Rob comes over to do the openings and so that we can enjoy our lunch on it! Eventually we will lay tiles and pretty it up, but for now it is solid. Or at least I hope it is as I did it yesterday with Gary, who is over for a weeks hard labour! Then we had an unexpected storm yesterday afternoon, I covered it with tarpaulin but god knows if it survived!

Meanwhile I continue to battle with the wallpaper. The room that I am working on now has a double layer, as the sods obviously decided to paper straight over the previous paper! I am nurturing a great hatred for wallpaper and have come to the conclusion that people who hang wallpaper have a lot in common with religious fanatics, you either succumb to the wallpaper or you are tortured trying to remove it. So if you are considering putting up wallpaper – don’t, it is evil stuff and takes far too much time and effort trying to remove it when you have changed your mind!

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