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Dib Dab Dob

After putting all the uprights up right we thought we would have a go at plasterboarding the bathroom. Unfortunately it was very late, we were tired and the walls we were plastering onto are anything but straight! So our first attempt was a bit dodgy……

Due to our crooked walls we had to hold the plasterboard in place with chevrons until the plaster took! Knackered, we called it a day.

The following day I googled plaster boarding with the dib dab dob method and watched a video on YouTube. Armed with my new knowledge I went off to Toute Faire to buy the right tools. An egg whisk thingy that goes on the end of the drill that makes light work of mixing the plaster, it is darned impossible by hand! A plastering hawk and trowel and a big vat to mix it in. It is impossible to buy all the tools that we need for every job but there are some that are essential!

All I can say is that the man on the telly had a small box room with straight walls and we don’t!! But after much effort we now have 2 walls done, 1 in the 1st room on the left which means that we can close it off, and the other in the bathroom. We need to do 1 more wall in the bathroom and then small bits of wall in between the beams and then we will have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, not completed but at least private.

I am slightly concerned about the 1st bedroom as the wall is very tall and I don’t know whether I like it which is a bummer after all that effort! The problem is I won’t really know until we have done all of the walls and the ceiling, which won’t be for some time. I am thinking that I need to get a mural done on the wall and then it won’t look so imposing!

Pierre has turned up so I must go as he is helping us with electrics, plumbing and general advice. We are lucky as in this village we have 2 architects and Pierre, all of whom are incredibly knowledgeable and readily give us advice. There is a lot of rebuilding in this village and we are having a race to see who can complete first! Pierre has lost as his house is still missing a wall!

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