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Demolition time!

After taking a day off to organise myself it was back into the house on Tuesday and I was keen to crack on. Demolition was the name of the game as we took out all of the internal walls that we do not want. We plan on having several open spaces to let in light and break up the corridor effect. Also it was time to get rid of the flues and chimneys that we don’t need. All layered with asbestos and all in the wrong place for our heating system, so they have to go.

The weather has been fab since I got back, hot and sunny with very little wind so a good time to get on the roof. A good time for Chris to get on the roof that is as there is no way on earth I am getting up there!!

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It’s hard to imagine that we will be living here within 3 weeks! But needs must so we must crack on and get 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a temporary kitchen all in a state fit to live in even if they are not completed. Which they won’t be, decoration will be done at a later date! We still have a bit more destruction to do, as I wouldn’t let Chris knock out the old loo or shower room until we have built another one! Then we can start the construction. It will be nice to be rid of the filth and chaos finally, however there is still several weeks of that. The beams need to be cleaned, then treated before we can put in the insulation.

Jonts arrives on Sunday and we will get Dom back to help us with the plumbing the week after next and Vincent will show us how to build a proper chimney. Then of course Chris’ best man Dom is coming over from London for a weekend at the end of the month and I am sure he will be a great help……..at emptying my wine cellar!!!!

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