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December is upon us

How did that happen then?? Darn it I am not ready for the end of the year, we haven’t done all that we intended to do and I have to choose between Christmas presents for family or copper piping for radiators!!

Chris has been forced to work on the house whilst his saw is being repaired, it is taking forever which is a mixed blessing. It means we have 12 out of 20 radiators plumbed in, electrics upstairs and down, the beginnings of the mezzanine in the living room and (most excitingly for me) the main bathroom is being worked on!

As our workaways are waiting for their credit card to be sent from America and seem to have very little intention of leaving us, we are putting them to good use! Matt has done a lot of the electrics around the house, we now have lights on all 3 floors. But if Father Christmas was going to be true to his word and plumb me in a bath for christmas it didn’t make sense to plumb a bath in a half finished room. So we emptied the bathroom of the bed, we were using it as a 3rd bedroom when we had so many visitors, and set them to work on plastering. This involves taping and plastering in the screw holes and joints on the plasterboard ceilings and walls. It takes 2 coats and must be sanded in between coats. It is a delicate job and not easy to make it look good. Chris and I blocked up the hole where the big flue runs through the roof, we had to use special fire-proof plasterboard and respect fire regulation distances. We are not sure yet whether we will board the flue in or paint it, if I can get the right paint it might look like a column and be rather cool.

On Monday we shall plaster the remaining wall and then sand down the plasterboard joints. Only when we have done our first coat of paint will we be able to see if we have done a good enough job with the taping. If not we will be forced to plaster over the plasterboard which is no fun as it takes time, money and skill. If we have done a good enough job we can paint the first few coats of paints in the early part of the week. Then we can finish off the plumbing, we started it many, many months ago when we drilled the holes for the pipes. Once the piping is in place we can lay the floor, we have had the floor boards ready for several months. Then, I hope, we can plumb in the bath and toilet, both of which I bought earlier in the year in the sale!!! The sink we are using is the old stone sink from here, it is a thing of beauty and great weight! And both the bath and sink will need Chris to build a stand, so without his saw it might delay things. The shower takes a lot more thinking about, we have the actual shower parts but we need to waterproof the walls and floor. I have sent Chris and the workaways off to the beach today to forage for flat, round pebbles that we are going to use as the floor!

It would be lovely to have one room done. To be able to close the door and soak in the tub, what escapism! Go on Santa I have been very good this year!!!


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