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Comfort Shopping

This weekend, we had a massive storm – thunder bolts and lightening, very very frightening! In fact the weather for the last few days has been decidedly wet and dreary. However as it is the Marin blowing in, it has also been warm, early 20’s. So although it looks all wintry, it isn’t at all. In fact it is so warm that our super, technical heating system refused to go on when we wanted to put it on to test it! It works in accordance with the outside air temperature, which wasn’t low enough.

With winter approaching we wanted to make the house more comfortable. So we packed up Louis, his first ride in the van, and headed south to Leroy Merlin where we bought some seagrass carpet for the living room, bathroom lights and a door mat! Nothing hugely exciting but all little things to make our life more comfy. The patchy floor in the living room is not only darned ugly but a constant source of dust from plaster, lime and concrete. Which has been pretty horrible to live with, and now that a certain somebody looks ready to crawl we thought we would give him a cleaner surface!

So as I said little things, but things that make a big difference to our lives. Carpet, which looks great although it does smell a bit ‘natural’! A door mat that involved lifting tiles but now means that mud doesn’t get walked through the entire house. Lights in the bathroom, a light switch for the living room, the height of luxury! Sockets wired up and so we are not tripping over wires.

Because the rain is coming from the Marin, it means our front terrace filled with sand and mud from the road. It took us 2 hours to clean it up yesterday, and now the rain has started falling again…. Ho hum, maybe we will be addressing the front terrace earlier than expected!

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