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Ch ch ch changes

Well we have certainly been busy over the last few weeks but I am not sure that it notices too much!! Today the windows are finally going in, they took a long time to make so it is quite a milestone to get them in finally. It is also quite a sobering thought to think that these are just the 1st 3 and we have another 17 to go!!!!!

Rory is back with us. After a month on the road with Van Tour, which is a group of 80 or so young Kiwis and Aussie’s in camper vans touring around Europe drinking themselves silly!! He has come back to Aunty Em and Uncle Chris to dry out and sweat the crap out of his system through hard work!! He is only with us for a week so we aim to use and abuse his skills to the maximum! We also have a new workawayer arriving tonight, Ramanus from Lithuania, sounds like an Egyptian Pharoah to me!! So we have very quickly built him a bed, emptied the bathroom/store-room/office and turned it into a rather basic bedroom. Hope he doesn’t need a wardrobe!

So what else is new? Well I have cleaned all but the 2 huge radiators. We decided not to use hydrochloric acid as it is far too nasty and probably not that necessary. So as I had been advised to use vinegar I decided to use my initiative and found a good use for the 2 barrels of old, oxidised wine that were sitting in the garden! It has worked a treat flushing out all the black gunk. Which means that they are ready to be plumbed in and beautified, although we do need to get the valves and other plumbing bits.

We also had a meeting with the company that are installing our flash heating and solar system. The work for this will start mid August, so we need to plumb in at least one radiator before they arrive. On Sunday we started filling the many holes that were on the scarily tall, north side of the building. Holes that were full of birds nests and creating air conditioning in the house! So I dangled Chris out of the window, with a harness of course, and passed him Lime mortar and stones. Now for the first time we can see a difference on the north side of the building.

I have been busy with wine events which have kicked off now that high season is upon us. So it is juggling act between painting, building and wine tasting!!

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