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“Bork, bork, bork!”

The Swedish Chef from the muppets was always one of my favourite characters, and one I often base my cooking style on!! We took delivery on Tuesday of 2 very lovely Swedish boys, neither sadly are related to the Swedish Chef and nor do they sound like him! However one of them can juggle with 7 balls, obviously a good reason for us to invite them to the Maison du Rire!

It has been all go here hence my lack of update, so I shall be brief but concise. Well possibly not as I am not very good at the brief thing. Rob sped through the windows and we now have 2 fabulous openings to join the others that he did in May. The living room looks completely different. Well right now it looks like a building site and the wind is blowing at 85km so we are in a dust bucket! But asides from that the views are great and the evening sun at this time of year floods the house with the most beautiful light. It also somehow makes the room feel smaller and cosier, which in our place is a good thing.

Because he worked so hard and well he finished up with enough time to help us work on our driveway, poor guy I bet he is wishing he took his time now! Our driveway runs along the southside of the house, it is not only very steep but very uneven and the only way to get out is to take a run from the bottom at high speed and hope to god that 1. it hasn’t rained and you don’t get stuck and 2. that there are no oncoming cars that you might hit as you land on the road!! Both Chris and I have had to be pulled out by our vigneron neighbours in their tractors at some point so we really wanted to address this before any wet weather came and it became more and more of an issue.

Hence us inviting Joel and Johannes to stay. We needed their muscles! They are very young, indecently so I would say, at 19 and 20. Terribly enthusiastic and incredibly polite. Although that said Chris has got them shifting so much stone and sub base that I am worried that their enthusiasm might die off, or at least their arms might drop off!! But we feed them well, gave them today off and tomorrow we will take them out to visit the area. Meanwhile the horrible concrete steps on the side of the building are gone, as is the concrete plinth in the workshop. Rob did a very neat job of levelling all the stone and rubbish which we took out of the steps and the plinth which gave us a level and less steep driveway. Yesterday we took delivery of 13 tonnes of sub base which the boys and I shovelled onto the drive. On Monday we will hire a compressor and fingers and toes crossed we will have a workable drive!

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