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Bob’s yer uncle

Well he is ours, and he’s unstoppable!!! He’s almost finished the 1st window already, we can’t keep up with him! I was supposed to have 2 Swedish boys come help this week but they couldn’t make it in time so we have arranged for them to come mid October to help with the strawbale wall. Which means that muggins here is clearing up Rob’s mess on her own, which is no mean feat as there is over 3.5 tonnes of stone and motar to remove. Maybe not the best remedy for 2 slipped discs and a dislocated pelvis but needs must. I had to get Chris to help towards the end of the afternoon yesterday as some of these stones weigh more than I do!

So it looks like we will be on to the 2nd, and last, window opening this afternoon. Poor Chris’ arms are about to drop off as he has been manhandling that stone cutter, plus picking up huge stones and having to cut all the wood for the windows! I had a petrol fume facial this morning as I held the ladder for him whilst he cut the stones, not sure if that is usually part of an organic beauty regime????

Ever since we first saw the house I have been picturing windows on this wall and it is very exciting to see them and look at the view. Thank you Rob!

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