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Bloody Plumbing!

Well I think that about sums it up doesn’t it! OK I will elaborate on that comment…

Firstly we went shopping last week and spent a minor fortune on copper pipes and trappings to plumb in the radiators in the rest of the upstairs. Downstairs will not be touched until next year. The cost of copper is eye watering and it all involves lengthy conversations with the plumbers merchants, ordering, deliveries not arriving, etc etc. Once we had purchased the main bulk of the pipes and bits we also needed a machine for bending the pipes and these cost quite a lot of money when you consider that you only need them for a short period. Yes you can resell them but still it is 300€ worth of kit, so we looked on the Bon Coin, which is an online version of Loot. And we found exactly what we were looking for for half the cost of a new one but it involved traveling to Sete.

So one day last week we had a ‘plumbing shopping day’, not exactly my idea of a great day out! And picked up all the copper and bits and then went off to buy the bending machine. When we arrived at Sete it was lunchtime, this being France it is illegal to try and do any other business other than eating during the hours of 12 and 2! So we had lunch and called the guy to arrange to pick up the machine afterwards. My first hint of suspicion was when he didn’t want us to come to his house but arranged to meet us in the highstreet. Then when 2 young, shaven headed men turned up we began to feel like extras in Only Fools and Horses!! I waited in the van whilst Chris went over to do the deal. What can I say it is almost brand new and we paid cash……

It's kosher mate, honest!

Anyhow we have it, it works and we will try and sell it when we have finished to recoup some of the money. Next thing is the slightly worrying fact that when installing copper you need to solder the pipes together to prevent any leaks. Now soldering is not that difficult but again you need the machinery. Luckily Pierre came to the rescue as he has the equipment but not the gas, so we bought the gas in return for using his machines and a half day of his time so that he could show Chris how to solder properly.

All good so far. However the first thing that we needed to do was to run the main circuit, with the 28cm pipes, from the heating system through the workshop. After which we can then run individual circuits for each radiator or room in 16cm copper. All sounds good right? That is until you remember that we recently installed a straw bale wall into the workshop right where we need to run the hot water circuit. So where is the problem you ask? Well remember the bit about soldering???? Flames and exposed straw!!! Not to worry said Chris I have bought a fire proof blanket.

When he said blanket I had envisaged something a little larger!! Oh well if the soldering doesn’t get us the permanent fag hanging out of Pierre’s mouth will!!

This is what 1000€ gets you in copper, and this is with trade discount!

Copper, glorious copper

And now for something silly……

Anyone seen Delicatessen??

Modeling the latest in Soldering fashion!!

Today we have moved the radiators around, back and forth and back again. No mean feat when some of them weigh the same as 4 adults! Anyhow we should have plumbed in at least the spare bedroom by this evening, which is just as well as Los Americanos, our next workaways are finally arriving tonight!

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