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Bagheera and Shere Khan

If life wasn’t hectic enough we have acquired two very lively kittens!! After last years mouse incident we had planned on getting a barn cat and then a chance meeting with an old neighbour who’s cat had just had a litter, meant that we were now the owners of two sisters. A very cute black kitten with a strip on her face and a stripey white and grey kitten. We tried to keep them as barn cats but they kept wandering off, and after a strange incident with a neighbour trying to steal them (!) we realised that we had better keep them firmly indoors.

So now alongside a very lively 13 month old baby we have two crazy kittens hooning around the house. If you are visiting, you have been warned!  

Our latest visitor was a young girl from New Zealand called Kelly, 24 years old and travelling Europe for the first time. Kelly stayed with us for 10 days during a very busy time work wise for me so she was a great help looking after Louis. They got on like a house on fire, but then Louis has an eye for pretty girls!! She also did a bit of ‘house work’ for us, cleaning up the old tiles and painting.

We hope to lay the floor in the living room this side of Christmas so the pressure is on now to get those old ‘tomettes’, terracotta tiles, cleaned up and ready. Whilst Kelly was here and in between jobs, she helped me finish the living room. This involved painting the big cinema wall, around the doorway, the wall with the woodburner, the doors, radiators, underneath the mezzanine and the iron bar. Quite a lot really and I only had a couple of days free! 

But we managed, the kittens and Louis were of great help as you can imagine!! All three very keen to get inside the paint pot, with the kittens throwing themselves against the wall as I painted. Very helpful indeed!

The room looks great, very calming and serene. Just awaiting the floor now…

More photos to follow


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