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Back to work

So after a prolonged absence, due to a combination of being busy with work and Chris having his hernia op, we have finally done some more work on the house. Last month we completed the spare room and hung pictures so that it felt finished, well as long as you didn’t look at the floor that is!

Our friend Gary was due to visit for Easter and so we wanted to take advantage of another pair of hands and, most importantly, an abled bodied visitor. The day before he arrived we prepped the floor in the bathroom ready to take floorboards. This involved laying all the chevrons to bring up the height and create a level space. As Chris was on sick leave and under strict instructions not to work from the surgeon, I took over the job of chippie. Which is fine as I am used to doing this but I do think that the laying of floors should be delegated to people of a reduced stature as it is a long way down for me!! I guess I should point out that Chris did help a bit with the measuring of where to put the chevrons, but I did all the really important stuff!!

Gary for some strange reason didn’t bring any work clothes but he should know better by now that that doesn’t stop us getting him involved as we are very generous with lending our old, scrappy tees and trousers!! So between the 3 of us we managed to lay the bathroom floor. It was supposed to be a half a day job but ended up taking a very long day. With Gary hammering the boards into place, me chopping and Chris measuring and plumbing. It looks fab, just awaiting a stain and protective varnish.

Today is Easter Monday and the weather is glorious so we decided to do a few tasks this morning and then take the afternoon off to play. So, again taking advantage of having another pair of hands we plaster boarded the wall that runs along the stairwell. It had been annoying Chris and I ever since we had moved into the small bedroom, as when we take our Sunday coffee in bed we look out onto the hallway and see a very ugly stud wall. As all the other walls on show are either plaster boarded or plastered it was beginning to be an eye sore. It is a relatively, note relative for us, small wall so it didn’t take long to do. Or maybe it is because we are such experts now?

We have also managed to plumb in the sink that I got from a salvage yard, the sink had a little leak that needed repairing and the waterfall taps that look fab were a pig to put on and created an indoor piscine in the workshop Saturday night. So after much faffing and swearing on Saturday it was left for ‘another day’, which happily was this morning as in between times the boys had had a few brain waves. So far so good and we seem to be OK without a swimming pool, so far……

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