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Autumn is here

And the colours are spectacular. One of the great things about living in a wine region is the beauty of the countryside and how it changes with every season. Right now we are having a mixed weather of sunshine and torrential rain, however even when it pours the colours are so vibrant it is beautiful.

The temepratures are still very mild with highs in the early 20’s and lows around 13C. Which means that we really don’t need our flash new heating system yet!! Which is all good as we haven’t plumbed in anymore radiators yet, but we start at the end of the week. We have ordered all the copper and pick it up tomorrow and Pierre is coming round, in between feeds as Luna was born the other day, to show us how to solder and fit the main piping system. The idea being that we do the main piping system with him and then attach the individual circuits ourselves.

We said goodbye to the Swedish boys last Friday, they have gone to stay with friends of ours whom also need help on their project. They were great and we got a lot done, but it did feel like we had adopted 2 teenagers as they were very young and did treat us like their parents! Anyhow it is good to have the house to ourselves again for the week until we are joined by a young American couple.

Before the boys left however we got them to build a canigal ( not sure how it is spelt), it is a drainage system made from stones. They dug it across the end of the driveway and it channels all the water from the driveway into the field. And it works! We had a big downpour the other day this time the rainwater was swept into the field and not into the garden and veg patch. So Steve we won’t have to move the veg patches after all!

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