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Au revoir

Yesterday we said goodbye to Rory. I took him to Toulouse train station where he got a train to Biarritz to meet up with his friends and head to Spain and Pamplona to go running with the bulls.

We managed a great deal whilst he was here, I am delighted to say that the entire roof is now insulated and plaster boarded. This may not seem such a great deal and a month might seem like a long time. However when you consider that Chris and I were also juggling our own work during that time, and the fact that not only do we have a huge roof, 235m2, but it is very high and awkward to get to. We reckon that under normal circumstances it would have taken us 2 months to get that all done and not as well either.

We gave him some money, paid for his ticket and off he went. Possibly we will see him again, he says that he wants to come back. We know he will run out of money very quickly and he has left a few things here! We will see, if he does then great as he was easy company and we can get a lot done with him, even if I do have to keep going to the shops every other day to buy beer! Never have I seen anyone drink so fast! He would have drained a bottle and be on to another before I had even got the top off of mine! I also spent an embarrassing amount of time at the recycle bins disposing of the empties!! Heh ho, beer is cheap and he is young, could have been worse he might have wanted to guzzle fine wine which would have upset me no end!!

So yesterday we cleaned up the house and spent our first day alone in 4 months which was rather nice actually! Back to the grind now and a break from the house as we earn some more money. We have just had our Eco-Pret accepted which means that we can start the ball rolling for our fancy heating system. Which also means that we will have a super toasty house in winter! Yeah heh.


  • Chris Thomson
    Posted July 9, 2011 10:05 am 0Likes

    Emma and Chris – have just spent nearly an hour of a lazy Saturday morning reading the blog and totally open-mouthed with admiration. La maison is looking fantastic and already the transformation in amazing. I know there’s loads still to do but you’ve done so much and worked so hard! Looking forward to seeing you in august and no doubt being even more impressed. Bon courage! Chris

    • lamaisondurire
      Posted July 10, 2011 6:34 pm 0Likes

      Thanks Chris. Hope all is well with you both? Just had a much needed 4 day break before we continue with the building work. Look forward to catching up in August

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