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Artist in residence

Now I know that there are long gaps in between my posts, it is not that we are not working hard it is that we are and I have run out of time and energy to blog! Anyhow after Gary’s visit we continued on with the bathroom and completed the floor, it is now a lovely walnut colour which shows everyone’s dusty foot prints perfectly! Mmm hadn’t thought about that when I did it. We have also panelled both the bath and sink but both are awaiting the tops which are painted and ready for a carpenter to fit. Anyone  know of one……….

My sister Clare came to visit last week from the States. Not being into plastering or plumbing she wanted to paint a mural for the little persons room. However we are far from ready for that sort of luxury so we set her up with a huge piece of chipboard and she has done a fab job. Now we just need to keep it clean and safe until we are able to hang it!

The artist at work

The finished picture

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