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And then there were three

Friday was the last day of rendering and we were down to three rendering with Chris mixing and running. It should have been easy as there was not that much to do as they had pushed so hard the day before. But as is often the way that wasn’t the case. Vincent wasn’t happy with the way the mix was going on the last wall, and when Vincent isn’t happy that ain’t good!!

Happily it was OK in the end, just harder work than expected. Whilst Vincent and Will finished our bedroom walls, Rob started whitewashing the completed walls and Chris tried to make sense of the terrace again. By 4pm the boys had finished and were keen to wash up and go home to their families. Which left us three.

It was still scorching hot so we decided to pack up some drinks and snacks and head to the lake in St Laurent where we threw ourselves into the water to cool down and wash away the weeks aches and pains!  For the first time that week we ate on the terrace that night and could actually move as Chris had moved all the excess lime and sand downstairs!

Saturday morning we woke to the grim realisation that it was operation clean-up time as the place was an awful mess with render everywhere, furniture stored in every available space and every surface thick with dust. Rob continued whitewashing the walls whilst I started to scarp off the render from the windows and windowsills, and Chris was at a client meeting! Mid morning Rob and I had a coffee on the terrace when a friend unexpectedly turned up, Chris returned and then next thing we knew we were all on our way to the coast for a dip in the sea and bowl of moules! Sometimes an enforced break is just what you need and cleaning can always wait!

So yesterday we put the house back to rights and the three of us put a second coat of whitewash onto the living room walls. It looks great, from a distance the walls look like stone. The detail is very beautiful. Today I shall finish whitewashing the rest of the walls and then we will see how they dry, as it will take several weeks before we know what the colour will be. I think we shall live with it for a few months to see how the light affects the colour before we make any decisions about tinting the walls, at present I like them as they are.

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