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A week in Siberia

Well it has felt like that at least, thank god it gets warmer as from tonight as I have had enough of this cold larky. Double figures by the end of the week.

We hosted Garth and Meliana for a week, and I am not sure how warm Meliana was as the temperatures have been ridiculously low. I wanted to pop her in the oven to keep her warm!! Garth we kept warm by working him hard! We weren’t going to but the temptation was too much and it seemed to make sense whilst he was here. So we managed to plaster and joint all the ceilings in the hallway and living room, plus the big scary wall over the drop and one of the walls in the living room.

The house was chaos for the week, it always is when we plaster, but it was worth it. They left this weekend and Chris and I spent a full on weekend finishing off the plastering and painting all the ceilings. It looks great, much lighter and cleaner. However now the unplastered walls look much worse in comparison!

Chris also got me to paint a cinema screen onto the unplastered wall in the living room as Garth pointed out that it was very distracting watching a film with a line of plaster running through the middle!! I must have become immune to it as it no longer bothered me. However it is much better with the painted screen although the wall looks particularly odd in daylight as it is plasterboard which has been taped and jointed with a whacking big white rectangle painted onto it!!

We have bought yet more wood as we are struggling to get fully seasoned wood this late in winter. It is a learning curve for us and next year we will be much better organised. The chaudiere works very well and is super efficient but it needs properly dry wood, wood that is good for a poele (wood burner) doesn’t burn well in our machine and so we then struggle to get it up to temperature. Well we are new to this area so it takes a while to make the right contacts and learn who to trust, as everyone tells you that their wood is properly seasoned even when it isn’t. One thing you got to love about the French is how friendly they are, how they shake your hand and pass the time of day with you whilst they fleece you blind selling you damp wood!!! It’s a civilised country that we live in.

Here are some updated photos of the plastering and finished paint work. You can’t tell from the photos but we lay 3 scaffolding planks over the big hole, which we then covered with chipboard sheets and then the scaffolding. It was OK but slightly daunting to think that it was just the planks hold all that weight and us as we worked!!


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  • Meliana Salim
    Posted February 15, 2012 6:27 pm 0Likes

    Warm bath, warm food, and warm bed for a whole week! I’m not complaining. Thank you so much!

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