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A Relooking

The French, much like us Anglophones, like to abuse our language and invent words and phrases that simply do not exist in English! And why not, lets face it we do the same with French! So our house has been undergoing a ‘relooking’ as they say over here. Firstly the front bedroom, just before Sunil joined us I finally got around to painting the floor. I have only had the paint for two years but we constantly have visitors so it was hard to get around to emptying the room and painting the floor and then waiting the correct amount of time before we walked on it. As it was it was a tad ‘juste’. But with a newly painted floor, the old canape from the living room with new throws and cushions, and a light fitting, the room looks like a new place.



 Next up I took a hammer and angle grinder to the front of the house, which lets face it is a bit of an ugly duckling. We don’t have the time and funds to do all that we want right now at the front but I can at least make it prettier. So I started with trying to scrap off the flaky render, unfortunately the horrible hexagonal pattern remained despite my efforts so I stopped. Also because Louis’ finger got in the way and there were a lot of tears and kissing it better to be done! After which I, with great delight, pulled off the horrible mosquito nets off of the two front windows. They came off easily enough, dislodged the hugest spider known to man, which frightened the living daylights out of yours truly! Now we have lots of lovely light in the front bedroom and the temporary kitchen. But now we can see how awful the windows and shutters are!! Then during nap time, Louis’ not Chris’, I terrified the village by attacking the ugly green railings with a large and rather unwieldly (in my hands) angle grinder. Happily I got to grips with it whilst retaining all my fingers and toes and the ugly netting has been disposed off at the dump. I also managed to rope in my lovely neighbour Monique and her grandson to help me with pruning the climbing rose and the snowball tree, which should sprout up beautifully in the next month or two. So the front is ready for me to scrub and scrap, and then paint. The weather is glorious so I might try to do that this week.
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